“Don’t Touch Me” is dedicated to educating kids and adults about child abuse prevention.

98% of children that deal with child abuse experiences weren’t properly educated on the topic of molestation, prior to facing it.

Our Mission

“Don’t Touch Me” is an educational platform geared to teach kids at an early age about child abuse prevention. This movement focuses on educating children on what to do and say in the event of being faced with a predator in their home or life.  “Don’t Touch Me” also helps kids find their voice, with a special emphasis on the ones that may not have one.

Safe Stop program

Safe Stop creates a network of trusted adults around the world to give children the support they need. Having someone who will listen and help is crucial for prevention.


For the kids that can’t communicate, “DON’T TOUCH ME” becomes their voice and resource for the proper education. Bringing awareness to children with special needs.

SPeaking Engagements

“Don’t Touch Me” specializes in coaching children and adults on how to prevent child abuse.

Educational Platform

• Children’s Illustrated Books

• Elementary School Curriculum

• Lesson Plans


My Mommy's Boyfriend
My Mommy’s Boyfriend is an illustrated children’s book that introduces young readers to a topic that is very common, but hard to talk about. Many children have faced sexual abuse without even knowing it, and they continue to fall victim to predatory experiences because of their lack of knowledge on this subject. 


By submitting a small donation for the “Don’t Touch Me” movement, your support and contributions will allow us to properly educate and improve the lives of children.

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